I'm always busy building and testing new ideas in my home lab. Although it started out as a low-budget project, the lab is extremely flexible and has plenty of storage and compute power. Using virtualized servers and networks it's easy to spin up a new design and go through all the configuratioon and operating steps. It's also somewhat quieter than the typical work environment which makes it a nice place to think through problems and design. And I don't have to worry about breaking the production environment when things don't go as expected.


Cycling since 1983, I like to relieve stress through exercise on the bicycle. I'm equally at home on a slower social ride with the local cycling club or challenging myself in a USAC racing event. I like to ride and train with others. Cycling is a sport that you can enjoy into your later years and it's good for your physical stamina and overall health. During an active year I can ride about 10,000 miles.

  • USAC licensed amateur rider, category 4 road
  • Member of Christian Cycling, a worldwide club of fellow Christian cyclists.
  • Member of the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia
  • Member of Suburban Cyclists Unlimited
  • Member of the Lehigh Valley Wheelmen


Indian dishes are my favorite to make. Yes, I like it spicy. Hungry for a stir fry? My 100,000 BTU burner and steel wok do an excellent job. I've cooked paella with seafood and Italian pasta dishes too. Fortunately, there are nearby markets that can supply all the ingredients needed. In the summer I like to use my outdoor barbeque as a slow smoker and cook up some ribs and chicken.

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